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Facing the future, HOT DAO focuses on the upstream and downstream of blockchain industry through investment and financing. With the belief of continuously creating win-win value, HOT DAO is committed to boosting the long-term development of high-quality projects with competitive services.
HOT DAO is a blockchain innovation laboratory launched by HOTBIT. A multi-million dollar ecological fundation is set up to focus on investing in Polkadot ecology, DeFi, NFT and potential projects in etc. It will focus on investing in high-quality projects in distributed data store field. Polkadot ecology, DeFi, NFT, and distributed storage fields to accelerate the landing of blockchain era.




HOT DAO is committed to build a team that keeps pace with the times and is brave to innovate. As a backer of projects, we provide substantial support for project development, including early financial support, community building and marketing. With first-class technology and extensive marketing experience, we hope to create 1+1>2 with you.

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